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Myself painted by Foggy.jpg

Anitra Simmons Artist, Author,

Welcome to my website where I post so much of my personal visions through my portraits.  I am excited to share in my artistic adventures with you.

Thank you for visiting me online.  I am a portrait artist that dabbles in mostly watercolor, but includes mixed media and digital art as well.  I find the human face so interesting that I can study, sketch and paint faces and people everyday.  I also love painting animal portraits as well. Please view the menu of options above to learn more about who I am and what I do.  My platform is grief due to the loss of my husband, and daughter to cancer, my father to a massive stroke and my mother to dementia in a short period of time.  I found solace in creating art through my grief. I am also a writer and a medium. I hope you will check out my art, books and mediumship while sharing some time with me.  

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