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Author Anitra Simmons is poised to release her second memoir, When Breath Is Stronger Than Tears by December 2021. Her first book, Embracing Life From Death, was the 2018 Finalist with American Book Fest Awards. She has combined her artistry talents along with her writing skills to produce a raw and moving story about suppressed female stereotypes, societal norms, generational trauma and family dysfunction. Her self exploration and emotional analysis brings her to question the meaning of life, which plunges her into a world of spirituality, art and writing to find healing to her trauma.

When Breath Is Stronger Than Tears

Plodding along in an outwardly desirable life, Anitra Simmons finally realizes hers is not as it appears, and sets out to discover her true self and worth. She begins to peel back the layers of the onion of her existence, exposing her deep-seated discontent and her repeated poor choices. In the process, she uncovers how she has been insidiously shaped by the subtle forces of suppressed female stereotypes, societal norms, generational trauma, and family dysfunction.

Finally, after 40 years, her life is one of fulfillment and joy… until it isn’t. In an effort to survive her profound and significant grief, she plunges into unprecedented self-exploration, an emotional analysis of the full breadth of her life experience, and into the core meaning of life. In her wide-reaching search for answers, Anitra finds a path of spirituality that brings her a sense of meaning, understanding, direction, comfort, and an awareness of her life purpose.

Raw, honest, and intimately relatable, Anitra’s journey offers support to every woman on a reflective quest to explore and comprehend the complexities of her authentic self. 

Using the artistic skills she discovered and developed during her healing, Anitra is now an accomplished artist. Her poignant-self-illustrations throughout the book bring her story to life.  

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Anitra Simmons writes a raw, open and vulnerable account of her journey through what it's like to travel through terminal illness, death and a spiritual awakening. She shares the emotions and heartache felt along the way with hope for the future. Her mission is to bring awareness to Gliobastoma, help others navigate this cancer and give support to those behind the illness, the caretakers.  

Award-Winning Finalist in the Health: Death & Dying category of the 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest

Embracing Life From Death


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