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Anitra Simmons is a local artist to Seattle, Wa and a published author. She wrote and launched Embracing Life From Death, a raw, open and vulnerable account of her journey through what it’s like to travel through terminal illness, death and a spiritual awakening, after her husband passed away from Glioblastoma, terminal brain cancer. It was released onto Amazon in early 2018.


She shares the emotions and heartache felt along the way with hope for the future. Her mission is to bring continued awareness to terminal illness, grief, death and healing to those suffering in life with similar journeys. She subsequently lost her father to a massive stroke and then her thirty three year old daughter to Metastatic Melanoma within twenty one months of losing her husband.


She hopes to bring comfort to those who empathize with all aspects of death by helping them make better choices when facing the same trials and tribulations and providing resources to further their spiritual growth. 


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