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Self Portrait of Artist

Are you or a loved one facing terminal illness? Have you lost a child, spouse or immediate family member? 

Life can become overwhelming when our closest loved ones suffer from a terminal illness or pass away. At some point in our lives, we face the death of those closest to us and again when it comes to our own mortality. Who talks to us about this? Who can we turn to with our questions and deepest fears?


When I faced the loss of my husband, father and daughter, I felt more isolated and alone than I ever had in my life. There were not a lot of available resources during and after their deaths that I could access quickly and privately.  When my husband and daughter became ill, the medical decisions, sense of urgency to save their lives all while dealing with the grief became debilitating. I later suffered from p.t.s.d. (post traumatic stress disorder) after their deaths. This website was created to help others facing care giving, terminal illness, grief, death and spiritual turmoil in hopes of helping them cope with the pain of end of life transition.

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