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my story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My metaphysical journey began the night my husband passed over into the Spirit World, i.e.. Heaven.  The minute I arrived home from the hospital and exhaustedly climbed into bed, I heard an owl hooting just outside my bedroom window. It was an unusual event, but I hardly registered that fact.  An immediate knowing came over me, and I knew my husband had arrived at his destination and was ok. The knowing was scientifically inexplicable but I knew what I knew and events continued to unfold daily, validating life on the other side.

That same night, flashes of bright light would wake me from a sound sleep, yet when I opened my eyes, there was nothing but darkness.  This segued into moving furniture, stereos turning on in the middle of the night with the volume going up when no one was in the room.  Lights flashed off and on in only the room I was in and then the dreams started coming, so intense and so real, I would wake up not knowing where I was and what reality I was in.

Years went by and I continued to have these inexplicable signs coupled with many trips to my local medium so that I could connect to my family on the other side.  I was insatiable for knowledge about Spirit, God and Heaven.  I watched Utube videos on NDE (Near Death Experiences), Ted Talks and read about all things spiritual.  Slowly, during this time, I started having visions, they would be so crystal clear, I called them my HD visions. They were of people and places yet I didn't know what their meaning was. I decided to seek a medium who could help me with connecting to spirit along with making sense of the visions I was having.  I ended up finding a mentor, Jennifer Brazier, a local medium and psychic, who taught me that the out of body experiences and visions were my Spiritual awakening.  She helped me to further control and understand the gifts I was receiving and how to use them.

Everyone is psychic and intuitive, but most do not know how to connect to the power of their spirit.  This journey has not been easy for me, but once I stopped fighting my own destiny and embraced the knowledge to tap into my own soul for life's answers, my own path became easier.  I now connect others with departed loved ones to help ease their grief, find their purpose and know that we are all part of the same universe.  Our loved ones never leave us and we will all be together again one day. My job is to pass on the uplifting messages from your loved ones that are communicated with their love for you and bring compassion to those who suffer from loss.

Intuitive Guidance/Self Growth

Offering Spiritual Mentorships - 8 week course  $450

Testimonials - 

Julie A (7-7-22)- I reached out to Anitra after hearing her in an interview. Her story was so like mine and I felt like I could learn from her, so I inquired about mentorship. To my great surprise and honor, she was interested in teaching me! In an 8 part course Anitra taught me how to access and exercise my different Clair-senses. She did an amazing job of informing, and then leading me through hands-on practice. This step was what I really needed to get out of the books and into life with my work. She is great at breaking a new concepts down into approachable steps and is a patient and kind teacher. I couldn't recommend her more! In 8 sessions with her I have gone from a sensitive and devoted fan of the subject to a practitioner in training! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to tap into their latent abilities to help others. Her course has been invaluable to me coming into my own power, and my self confidence has grown by leaps and bounds.

Please send an email through my Contact Page to book an appointment.

Nora S. (8-4-22)- Since I was a child, I had an unexplained connection to "the other side."  While I researched and read many books, went to mediums and continually worked on my spiritual evolution over several decades, I never took a step to hone my spiritual abilities.  Because there are no coincidences, I was brought to Anitra after hearing her story on a podcast.  Her story resonated with me and I reached out eager for mentorship and guidance hoping she would give me the time of day in her very busy schedule. Not only did she take me up on my inquiry to mentor me, I have also found a friend in Anitra.  I am so grateful Anitra took me on as a student, as she guided me towards connecting and honing my skills to connect with the other side, validated my experiences and gave me tools to evolve and grow my abilities.  Anitra is an experienced, kind, caring and knowledgeable teacher who I know will touch many lives by helping them not just to connect with loved ones, but by teaching them to grow spiritually and in turn help others, as she has done with me.

Ruth (8-21-22) - I wanted to Thank you for your mentorship that changed my life.
I came to you in a moment of deep desperation and seeking. Seeking healing , seeking truth ,seeking a way to find what I knew deep inside but couldn’t quite reach. I came for a reading and I left a changed women wanting more.
The first message from my loved ones gave me exactly the place I needed to start healing  a peace I had not known for many many years started to show up . This opened the door to your mentorship that propelled me into a different person, someone who now lives seeking light, truth and a understanding of life and it’s purpose. From a living walking bruise to a healed , aware human who now can help others through their pain with a perspective that it WILL ALL be ok. I can walk in forgiveness and not resentment , I am no longer a victim but a person  of purpose who understands everything does have a purpose and ALL wounds can heal.
Through your mentorship I was able to find a place that I no longer wander hopeless but encouraged to help and see the unseen, seek truth and magic. I found a universe that holds me up guides me  and watches out for me.
I am not alone, far from it !
I am surrounded by my angels, guides and those who have passed before me. What an amazing knowing, what an amazing reason to keep going. I want to thank you for all you taught me and you showed me value in myself I had long forgotten.
I appreciate your desire to help others shows in all you do.
Thank you 

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