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Why me?

Why did this this have to happen to me? What could have I possibly done to the universe to have deserved this?

For anyone that has ever asked these questions, Embracing Life From Death might just be the perfect book for you. 

Written with a jarring intensity and raw with emotion, this book will shock you and grip you from the very first page. 

Anitra shares her story in full without holding back. Her displays of courage and commitment through trials will lift your spirits yet her grief and pain will be felt as keenly as if you were in the room sitting next to her. 

  • How does one find resilience in grief and loss? 
  • How does one cope with true sorrow and anguish? 
  • How does one go from losing a husband to brain cancer, to a new cancer diagnosis for a daughter one year later?

Healing comes from hope, and hope through trials. Embracing Life From Death tackles heartbreak turned healing, and then more heartbreak turned resilience. 

For no matter how many times life decided to knock her down, she continued to get out of bed every day. She cried, prayed, worked, but never gave up on herself. 

She wants you to do the same. 

Will you join her in rising up from your grief? Will you discover triumph in the midst of misery?

With a heart for helping anyone in the throws of Glioblastoma, Anitra shares her hope that one day the disease will be eradicated forever. That no one else would ever have to go through what she has gone through. 

Reading this book will catapult your grief stricken journey towards one of acceptance and love for life. 

What are you waiting for? Start reading now. 

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  • Biography

    Anitra Simmons writes a raw, open and vulnerable account of her journey through what it’s like to travel through terminal illness, death and a spiritual awakening. She shares the emotions and heartache felt along the way with hope for the future. Her mission is to bring continued awareness to Glioblastoma and help others make better choices when facing the same trials and tribulations. She continues to volunteer her time with and promote her story in hopes of someone finally finding a cure. She stays involved with the care of her daughter’s ongoing battle with metastatic melanoma while running her company, Cedar Creek Contractors LLC. She lives in Buckley, WA with her dog Cady.

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